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Welcome to the official website of the Defekt Muzgó band and we invite all fans of punk-rock music to familiarize with our repertoire.


We are the Polish legendary band, which has existed since 1981. We create the music in the genre of the ludic punk-rock. Our songs have charismatic sounds, unusual notes of electric guitars, drums and amazing singing voice.


Defekt Muzgó dropped playing for a few years, and was reactivated in 2011 by Irek - Ireneusz Jeż, who’s a manager and leader of the group, and second voice of the band.


Our motto:  "We’ve been playing for XXX years…
                 We can do it, if not we, then who?"




• Krzysztof Migdał – "Heban"

    – drums, Konga drum set and tenor flute, voice (1980-1994, od 2001)

 • Ireneusz Jeż – "Irek"

    – voice, manager, leader (since 2011)

• Dariusz Konkel – "Konkel"

    – bass guitar, voice (2009-2011, od 2012)

• Dawid Szydełko - "Holy"

    - guitar solo (since 2012)

• Maciej Cieślewicz - "Maciek"

    –  drums, voice (od 2012)



     Defek Muzgó

From left to right: Heban, Holy, Konkel, Maciek and Iras.


Former members

• Bogdan Kocik – "Victor" –  (2001-2009, since 2012)

• Tomasz Wojnar "Siwy" - guitar, voice (1982-2012)
• Jan Siepiela – "Młody" – guitar, voice, the founder of the Sedes (2006, 2011-2012)

• Dariusz Konkel – "Konkel" – bass guitar, voice (od 2009 do 2011)

• Dariusz Pacek – "Picek" – bass guitar (1982-1988, 1992-1997)

• Piotr Bojan - bass guitar (1982-1990)

• Mariusz Borowski – "Borek" – bass guitar (1990-1992)

• Ryszard Guz – "Ricardo" – drums, guitar solo (1994-1997)

• Wojciech Walczyk – "Walec" – voice (1982-1984)

• Fredek Wójcik – "Fred" - bass guitar, one of the Defekt Muzgó founder 
                                    (od 1980 do 1982)




The Band was set-up in 1981 in Wałbrzych (one of the major Polish cities) under the name “Bunt” in English “Revolt”. In 1982 after a suicide death of one of the group founders, a guitarist Fredek Wójcik, punk-rockers changed the name of the band to the name “Defekt Muzgó”. This name is current until today, and can be translated to English as “Brain Defect”. But in a Polish name of the band, there is misspeling in a word of the brain.



“Defekt Muzgó” was playing in the 82-88’s, incl. some times at the festival in Jarocin (1983,87, 88). The punk-rockers didn’t release any albums in that period. They suspended your band afterwards.


They appeared in 1990 again and won audience award at the festival called “Little Scene” in Jarocin, where approx. 20,000 people came into. There were really thousands of people at the concert. And then whole crowd of people was shouting “Brain Defect, Brain Defect”, because they wanted to see and listen to the band. That was the greatest concert in terms of the present audience quantity. That concert was broadcast live by Poland's largest television, TVP.


In 1992 the band was cooperating with the legendary band, “Sedes”, whence both bands released the album “Sedes Muzgó” togheter. The album-name was a combination names “Defekt Muzgó” and “Sedes” group.



“Defekt Muzgó” is closely related to The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity from the beginning of its operation.





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Defekt Muzgó

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